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Our services

Price offer:

Get a free quote using the shopping cart feature on the website.

The prices indicated on our website always refer to delivery to the premises of META Iron Ltd. If you request delivery, we will charge a delivery fee. There are two ways to send us a quotation:

  • Use the shopping cart feature on the website. Based on the information you provide there, we will receive your quote request and prepare our best offer and send it back to the email address you provide.
  • Send us an email to this address, how many of what product you want, in what colour, with what lock, with delivery, and exact details such as full name, company name, tax number, telephone number, delivery address.

When requesting a quote, please provide your phone number so that our colleagues can contact you with any questions.

Telephone advice / on-site survey:

If you need help, we're here to help.

In all cases, we would suggest a telephone consultation as a first step, when we can outline what function the products should perform. Based on this, our colleagues will try to find the most suitable solution together with you. If the project requires it and our colleagues consider it appropriate, we can also assist you with an on-site survey. You can also ask to see our presentation car.

We can make you furnishing drawing.

If you have a plan of the room(s) you want to furnish and know how many cupboards - or in the case of cupboards, how many people you want to provide cupboards for, with a bench or shoe rack - we can help you think through and plan the furnishings to make the best use of the space available.

Delivery / on-site setup:

We provide a full service from ordering to the installation of cabinets according to your request. You can choose from four delivery options:

  • Our staff will deliver the product by car, with on-site setup.
  • The goods are loaded onto the truck of the transport company here, and the carrier unloads the goods at the address you specify. In this case, the carrier just unloads the goods, there is no set-up, it is always the buyer's responsibility.
  • The buyer sends a carrier to pick up the product. In this case, it should be noted that our products are designed to be shipped in a vertical position. Thus, consideration must be given to ensure that a car of the right height is delivered.
  • You can also pick up the goods on the spot during our opening hours with the help of our colleagues.

If we organise the delivery, we can only give you the exact cost if we know the exact type and quantity of products.

Manufacture of customized products:

A unique product is any product that is slightly or very different from our standard products.

This may be the case if you need a slightly lower, narrower or deeper cabinet, or if you need a completely different interior design. As we are metal cabinet / metal furniture manufacturers, we can also create custom designs. However, this always requires an individual consultation and quotation.


We offer a 3-year warranty on the cabinets you buy from us (except for locks), which means that we will repair or replace them free of charge within a short period of time if they are used as intended.