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Welcome to the homepage of META Vasipari Kft. !

META Vasipari Kft. is a metal cabinet MANUFACTURING company, a market leader in the country in the manufacturing of metal lockers, safes, cabinets for document filing, changing room benches, cabinets for tools, custom metal cabinets and many other custom products.

The independent history of the company reaches back to 1992, when – having taken the opportunity opened by the co-operative law – 22 of the owners seceded from Metakémia Szövetkezet, and founded META Vasipari Szövetkezet. The choice site of the new company was based on the seat of the original company, and on the residence of people working here. This had an effect on the fact that the new site, completely independent after 1996, was established in Körösladány, Békés county, too. This organizational and operational form was maintained until 1999, when the company transformed into an Ltd., and it has continued its original activity ever since.

From the very beginning, our primary activity has been the manufacturing of metal cabinets and metal furniture, and it has remained that way ever since. Most of our products were sold through resellers in the early times, while from the first years after 2000, direct sales to end-users has been more and more in the foreground. Currently, nearly 90% of our products are sold directly to users.

Taking advantage of our geographical location, in 2013 we founded our subsidiary META Vestiare S.R.L in Romania (, 95% of whose sales consist of our own products manufactured in Hungary. There is no manufacturing there, only sales activity, and we can satisfy the product demand from Romania through this subsidiary.

During the 25 years of our existence, we have been continuously improving our machinery, and – as much as possible – we have been increasing our manufacturing area, too. This is how presses that could perform only one step have been replaced by NC- and CNC-controlled drop-forging and bending machines. Obviously they required more space, and we created that, and made it comfortably usable and easily transformable by increasing the manufacturing areas and the storage areas connected to them.

Our products are always assembled by welding or spot welding, which ensures proper stability and high quality. Following cleaning, phosphating and chemical passivation, we “paint” the surface with an electrostatic powder coating, which gives the product a state-of-the-art and permanently aesthetic finish. In our own powder coating plant, using a wide range of colours, we can make products with colours that satisfy customer requirements, while increasing the aesthetic value of our products.

Quality has always been, is, and will be a priority we are committed to. This is why our products have been granted KERMI quality certifications, and why we support the ISO quality management systems, too. ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems were introduced in the early 2000s in order to have the regularization and transparency of our processes in a written form, and to have them certified by an external company. We continue to maintain these systems and carry out the required inspections from time to time. This is how we ensure that we always offer the same quality to our customers within the framework of sustainable development. We strive to keep our ecological footprint the smallest possible, and to save our environment for the future generations.

Social responsibility is also an area of major focus for our company. For this purpose, we support:

  • local civil organizations (retired people, a zither band, a majorette group),
  • children’s aid foundations and
  • sports clubs through the TAO system (via support from our corporate tax).

Furthermore, we also focus on the further education and acknowledgement of our employees, and organize collective programs for them depending on our resources. Preserving the tradition of our company is especially important for us.

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