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Frequently asked questions

Of course, because we are a manufacturing company. We can meet all your specific requirements provided it is feasible. Please contact us for more information. HERE or by email, phone.

On the basis of the orders received, our colleagues will prepare an order confirmation document, which, in addition to the information on the offer, will indicate the calendar week in which the products are scheduled to be ready. This document will be sent back to you for verification. This is very important because it forms the basis for production / invoicing, so if something is not as you had envisaged here, there is still time to amend it. Therefore, please review it upon receipt and if everything is in order, return it with your signature, which will allow us to start fulfilling our commitments.

We want to meet all your individual needs, so you have the possibility to colour the doors and the mantles. Choose from our free basic colours or our RAL classic of colours.

It depends on the production time of the product and the delivery option. We will send you the expected end of production time in the returned quotation.

The production time depends on many things. Usually 1-4 weeks. A confirmation quote will be sent with a more accurate end of production time.

Our products are ready to use. Choose the delivery method that suits you best, the way you want to receive your product. Szállítási információ

If any part of the product you buy from us is damaged, you can order and replace its parts. Please contact our staff to arrange this.

Our products are ready to use, so all you need to do is set them up in place if you want them without on-site adjustment.

In case you have lost the key, we suggest a new lock, which you can order separately. Drill out the existing lock, insert the new one, tighten it with the nut bolt we sent you and it works!

Quality is our trademark, which is why we offer a 3-year warranty on our products under normal use.

We take great care in the packaging of our products to ensure that they reach the customer undamaged. If your product is damaged in transit, please let us know and we will take action.

We also have products in stock, but they are limited due to the large number of orders. Please enquire about these by email, phone or send us a message HERE.